About me

Johanna Lätti
Photo Ville Erkkilä

Currently, I am Chairman of the Board of As Oy Myyrinkedo, Vice Chairman of the Board of Myyrmäki Huolto Oy, Member of the Board of VTK Kiinteistöt Oy, and I continue my education in visual storytelling and communication at Taitotalo. My studies are in their final stages and I will graduate as a media services provider in April 2022.

I was a candidate for the municipal elections in Vantaa in spring 2021 and joined a party for the first time in my life. I chose the Greens because my values stem from nature, caring and taking care of the disadvantaged. Community-based neighbourhood housing, functioning services, good transport connections, participation and caring for the environment are key issues for me, alongside entrepreneurship.

I might have been in another party, but when you only get to choose one. But at the end of the day, everyone’s job is to make our society a good place to live, work and play. The Green values won the day, because without a thriving natural environment and care for the less fortunate, life would be meaningless.

My hobbies include crafts, photography, renovation, painting, pastels, genealogy, house-hunting, woodland walks, mushroom picking, cottaging and walking.

I live in a flat in Myyrmäki with my partner. I was born in Helsinki and have been a Vantaa resident since 1990, living in Martinlaakso, Seutula and for the last 24 years in Myyrmäki.

My achievements

  • Yo-86, 3 laudatura and 1 magna
  • School of Advertising Graphics 1986-1988
  • Morsmaikku Oy 1988 – worked in a stoneware shop in Fredrikinkatu for 25 years designing and manufacturing Finnish party dresses and employing dozens of workers. I design and make a suit or two a year from my home sewing machine
  • 2 adult children
  • Chairman of As Oy 2017. – present, under my leadership we started and completed a large traditional line renovation project of 75 apartments on time and on budget 2018-2020.
  • Vice Chairman of the Board of Myyrmäen Huolto Oy 10/2020. – present.
  • Media and Visual Communication undergraduate student at Taitotalo 4/2020 – 4/2022
  • In the 2021 municipal elections in Vantaa, I received 199 votes and fell just one vote short of a deputy seat. Out of 100 candidates in Vantaa, I was ranked 19th. Thank you for your trust!
  • Member of the Board of VTK Kiinteistöt Oy from 10/2021- – present.
  • Member of the Board of the Länsi-Vanta Greens from 1.1.2022. – present.

My strengths

  • Creativity and curiosity; I investigate and question when necessary
  • Strong organisational and collaborative skills
  • Deeply rooted sense of justice
  • Entrepreneurial soul, experience and vision
  • Entrepreneurial ability to see the cost, time and frustration of inefficiency
  • A strong team spirit; working together and getting everyone involved
  • Perseverance to drive things forward
  • Understanding of mental health issues, having experienced severe depression and panic disorders
  • Understanding of the situation of people with special needs and those close to them
  • Empathy and ability to put oneself in the shoes of others
  • A ”let’s go or not” attitude
  • I take a humble approach to life and see things through a positive lens
Johanna Lätti, ehdokas, kunnallisvaalit 2021 Vantaa Vihreät
I can also hold a chainsaw and a circular saw