Regional elections 23.1 2022

Regional elections 23.1 2022

We need people with a broad vision and drive to take decisions. As an entrepreneur and a recent influencer, I have a broader vision. By working together, building community and looking after the disadvantaged, our whole society will be better off. It is time for the old-fashioned confrontation to end and for us to learn to work together, even if we disagree with each other.

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Key themes

1. Low threshold help fast

As an ex-panic disorder sufferer and mother of an adult special needs child, I promote services for people with special needs.

Special support can be needed momentarily in life crisis situations or on a long-term basis due to illness, disability or age. New and existing digital applications provide cost-effective ways to provide first aid in acute emergencies quickly and with a low threshold.

Mental health problems need to be addressed immediately. Every wasted week, month and year is too much, both for the individual and for society. The well-being of children, young people, adults and seniors is a matter for all of us, and no one should be left alone.

2. Planning and anticipating health services that work

Today’s healthcare is evolving with people’s needs and the digital age. Services or care can be delivered at home, on wheels, accessible online or by phone call. Responding quickly and in a timely manner can save people and society considerable time and money.

Anticipating the future in kindergartens and schools: introducing lessons on self-awareness to learn how to deal with changing mentalities. Teaching our children not only traditional first aid skills, but also how to support a friend whose mind is down or who is having a panic attack. Adding playful physical activity to every day, rather than treating physical activity as a once-a-week lesson.

3. Make emergency services, first aid and medical care more efficient

If people do not get the right help at the right time, they become a burden to be passed from one emergency room to another. The burden is also great for the person in need or for those close to them. At the same time, the burden on patients caused by a limping system is creating ever longer queues.

So let’s make sure that our systems work properly and efficiently. Let’s innovate new practices and services so that the services of the future are accessible and really serve the person, not the system. More training places where they are needed, thinking about whether every job requires years of training, or whether the empathetic presence of another human being is enough at some point.

Ensuring that cooperation between public, private and organisational actors is fruitful and mutually compatible, mutually supportive.

4. Services for people with disabilities should not be outsourced with a purse in hand

Certain specific groups, such as people with intellectual disabilities, need accommodation advisers, job coaches and support from people who have become familiar to them and who know the disabled person personally. The choice of these services must be made with particular care and careful consideration must be given to switching or relocating them.

The Vantaa-Kerava regional campaign for the well-being area was launched at the Myyrmäki Marrasmarkt.
Interesting discussions were held under the leadership of Pekka Haavisto.

Green organisations and associations, to which I belong:

The following are the things I committed to in the 2021 municipal elections and will continue to commit to: